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If you want to maximize the value of your current wealth or want your beneficiaries to enjoy the most of what you have worked on for them, we are the team who can help you with that. Through our financial experts, we can help you accumulate money safely, earn predictably, and get better returns from your investments.

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We can help you plan your tax returns by maximizing your benefits. Our tax experts can provide you with the guidelines and next steps on how you can better understand, prepare for, and document everything that you need so you can reap the most of what you are truly entitled for.


Welcome to CKB Management

We know the value of your hard-earned money. We are here to help you grow and protect what you have worked for to achieve financial security for yourself and your family. Through smart wealth management, intentional tax planning, and several other means of making your investments work best for you, CKB Management will partner with you in finding ways to achieve better financial confidence today and for the future.


We take pride on the people who is behind the success of CKB Management. Our leaders and managers have built on the strong foundations that we have established for ourselves making us a trusted name and brand when it comes to financial planning. Know more about our leaders as you partner with us and entrust us with your life and financial goals. You can be assured that through CKB Management, you, your resources, and your family's future are in dependable hands.

Chris Bernaski
Chris Bernaski Wealth Consultant

I've always had a love for business starting from a young age with my very first business of cutting lawns to selling CUTCO knives leading to owning four companies today.

Larissa Humphrey
Larissa Humphrey Certified Tax Consultant

I worked for the IRS and a local tax office. I learned about taxes and how to use the tax law to my advantage. I learned how to live “tax free” like billionaires do.