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Our Professional Team

Chris Bernaski
Wealth Consultant

Chris Bernaski

My name is Chris Bernaski and I’d like to welcome you to CKB Management Inc. which is a one-stop business consulting services in Atlanta, GA. I’ve always had a love for business starting from a young age with my very first business of cutting lawns to selling CUTCO knives leading to owning four companies today.

In 2012, I had left the Air Force after serving as a student to become a Nuclear Weapons Officer. I started a senior health care company focusing on providing care to older Veteran’s which led to three more companies today. I realized that as my business grew, I knew that I would have to start paying more taxes which was suffocating the growth of my business as well as helping me to be able to retire! Most business owners end up paying tax and don’t realize that the tax code was designed to help not just the top 1% of the wealthy, but small business owners in not having to pay taxes!

Allow myself and my team to show you a strategy that puts you in a 0% tax bracket while being able to retire TAX Free.

Background: I hold a degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee as well as hold in Insurance license in the state of Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and the state of South Carolina. I was a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force as well as I am an Eagle Scout.

Larissa Humphrey
Certified Tax Consultant

Larissa Humphrey

I Paid More Taxes Than a Billionaire!!

I started Abundant Returns Tax Service back in 1991 after seeing on TV that Ross Perot, then presidential candidate and CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, paid less than $2000 in personal income taxes!

I just couldn’t believe it because… I made $35,000 that year and paid more than $4000 in federal taxes alone! I paid more than double the taxes a Billionaire paid! I was flabbergasted, to say the least.

“He’s a billionaire,” I kept saying to myself. “How is it legal for me to pay more taxes than a billionaire?”

I kept tossing it around in my head. I just couldn’t believe it. I worried about how I was going to pay the rent. I struggled to buy a bus pass every week. I had to make “arrangements” every month to pay my utility bills. My grocery budget was $15/week and I was paying more income taxes than a billionaire?!

It made absolutely no sense to me. It still makes no sense to me… 20 years later! (If I think about it long enough, I still get mad.)

This was an “a-ha” moment for me—a life lesson that shattered my very sheltered view of reality. I learned two very valuable lessons— life is not fair and rich people can avoid income taxes.

So I got busy.

I took several income tax preparation courses.

I read hundreds of books on taxes. I’ve prepared thousands of tax returns.

I worked for the IRS and a local tax office. I learned about taxes and how to use the tax law to my advantage. I learned how to live “tax free” like billionaires do.