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Personal Funding

What is in a credit profile?

moneyEveryone’s credit profiles are different when it comes to credit reporting. There are many factors going into a credit profile, such as the person’s age, the numbers of credit accounts on the report, the amount owed on loans and revolving credit accounts, and the amount available compared to the amount owed.

What are some of the reasons someone would go through personal lines?

A creative investor knows how to invest in their element when acquiring a business, real estate, and many different forms of investments. An investor would find that personal funding sometimes is the best path to take when they have a high-risk business, start-up business, sole proprietorship or even no business setup at all. Funding Arena provides a plan for investors to implement and elevate the investor to business funding to acquire sizeable cash lines. Once on the path, the investor will utilize the different business structures such as LLC, LLP, C or S Corporation to acquire funding using our networks. Contact our team!

High-risk business
Start-up business
No business setup at all
Sole Proprietorship


700 Fico Personal Unsecured Line of Credit and Loans – Stated $250k+up to$250k+ lines of credit down to 700 credit score!

740+ for optimal funding
Best Leverage to get started
No Collateral or equity
No Up Front Cost
No Risk Obligation
Quick & Easy Access to Capital